Stage 3 – Learning Plan

Learning Activities

Use K-W-L to assess prior knowledge

Create 2 avatars - One avatar as your idealized self - One avatar closer to your real self

Description: Students will create an avatar how they think they would like to look. Then they will discuss:
  • How are you and your avatar alike?
  • How do you differ?
  • Why did you make those choices?
  • What influenced your thinking?

Manipulate an image in iPhoto, Photoshop or other image editing tool

Description: Student will learn the basics of photo editing and some of the tools used to create effects.

Understand how images are manipulated:

Description: The class will review the images in the websites below and discuss if and how the images were manipulated/edited.
Girl in a Magazine-
Hands, etc-

Understand the how it effects our perception and reality

Description: Students will read the request to edit the image and view the original image and the edited image. They will discuss both sides of why this might be a good thing or a bad thing to do.
They will record their responses on paper or online. If resources permit the question would be posted online perhaps in a blog format so that student could voice their opinion and other students could respond.
Original picture
Retouched Picture

Create a podcast on what they learned in this unit

Please see lesson plan below