Stage 1 – Desired Results

Established Goals

NJCCCS Standard 3.5 (viewing and media literacy)
All students will access, view, evaluate, and respond to print, nonprint, and electronic texts and resources.

NJCCCS (New) 9.2.12.E.3 Evaluate how media, bias, purpose, and validity affect the prioritization of consumer decisions and spending.


Students will understand that:

We are surrounded by images
These images have a purpose
Images they see have been manipulated
Images that have been manipulated are not real
Images in advertising have a purpose
Images can effect our self image
The images we see in advertising can have an effect on how we define beauty.


Students will know:

Key vocabulary terms for images
How to use certain tools for image manipulation
Images can be used for communication
Advertisement are design to sell a product
To question every image they see


Students will be able to:

Explain if and how an image has been manipulated.
Manipulate an image
Demonstrate an understanding of the purpose and implications of image manipulation
Demonstrate an understanding of advertising and its effect on self image